Supporting our customers

Our company, despite the difficult period that the economy is going through, has consciously chosen not to have an online store or e-shop or to sell direct to the public, in order to show support to our customers. 


We sincerely appreciate and respect our stockists who have collaborated with us over the years  and are very grateful for their continued support in business, especially during these difficult times, so we a have made a conscious decision  not to compete or to profit at the expense of our customers.

Camelot's social media presence  (website, Facebook, Instagram) aims exclusively at promoting the brand on behalf of our customers.  The network of stores representing our brand is extensive at home here in the Greek Market and abroad and our brand is growing and our designs much sought after.  As we do not sell online or direct to the public, we automatically direct the public to the nearest stockist on file with the intention of assisting and promoting further sales for our customers.

We endeavor to help our customers in any way we can to promote the brand and we supply them with images for social media to assist them with the online sales for their shops.

We wish them every success for the next season and thanking them for their continued support.